Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gel Test over Wraps

OK--I'm sold!!!
Everyone is putting gel on top of their wraps. They say it helps them last a whole lot longer-- So I put it to the test!

I applied the Starstruck nail wrap (heating it with the Mini Heater)
Then I applied the TrueShine Gel Base Coat  and cured it with TrueShine LED curing lamp
Then a very light coat of Bachelorette TrueShine Gel (cure again with lamp)
Then the TrueShine Gel Top Coat (cure final time with lamp)

Here is my mani at DAY 5!

WOW!!! No tattering at the tips, no chipping, no smudges, just long lasting, very cute nails! And using a glitter gel just gives it that extra sparkle-- 

This manicure lasted 2 full weeks with no touch-ups whatsoever!

Every time someone saw my nails they would say "did you do that yourself?"
"Why yes I did!" And YOU can too!

Click HERE to see more about Jamberry Nail Wraps
Click HERE to see more about TrueShine gel enamel 
And be sure to watch the application and tips videos on the right sidebar.

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